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Barry Wark is an architect and designer who combines practice with research and teaching activities at The Weitzman School of Design, University of Pennsylvania  . Following over a decade working for reputable practices in London, he established his eponymous studio in 2018. 


His work explores the manifestation of ‘nature’ in architecture, reflecting an ecological sensibility and humans place within the Anthropocene. It strives towards ecocentrism, rejecting that humans and their artifacts are impervious or separate to the natural world, instead exploring permissible forms of coexistence between human and nonhumans within the built environment.  


His work has been published internationally in both physical and digital media and has given lectures and workshops about his research to architects and other design disciplines such as film studios and game developers. 


Barry is also the cofounder of the academic atelier Biophile, a space for students and educators to contribute to the evolving nature-architecture dialogue. 

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