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Barry Wark Architect sand shell bartlett

Tutors: Barry Wark, Guan Lee, Daniel Widrig 

Students: Changjian Jia, Hiroyuki  Iwashita, Lu  Yu,  Jiachen Wang  

The research explores the potential of utilising recycled sand in the creation of translucent shell structures. As is the case with many structures constructed with panels, one of the biggest challenges is to create considered seams and joints. The project derives a folded topology that at once disguises the seams and simultaneously gives thin shell more strength. The panels are manufactured by 7axis ,CNC cut formwork made from low cost foam. The foam is then coated in several layers of sand and binder. Once set, the foam is removed, and the shell is ready to be assembled. Due to the cutting direction of the robot tool, the space takes on a duality between inside and outside that one can appreciate as they move around and through the structure.

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